Decade Edition 2018

Decade Edition 2018

The classic Röshults grill is a decade old! The complete outdoor kitchen where nothing is left to chance has been in the Röshults range for ten years, where the grills are continuously developed and refined. We want to celebrate this by recognizing that barbecuing is not limited to midsummer temperatures, and now offer a gift to those who choose to buy an outdoor kitchen in classic style from Röshults.

When buying a complete outdoor kitchen from Röshults* containing 3 items or more, we now give you a complementary charcoal grill as a gift (value from 1.777 EUR VAT excluded)

To use this deal, simply order the gas grill of your choice (choose from the grills listed on this page***) and a minimum of two more outdoor kitchen items. Then follow up by emailing and write your order ID and that you want to take part of the Decade Edition offer. We will then add the charcoal grill to your order free of charge.

The campaign is valid until the 31st of December 2018 and as long as stock lasts. Röshults reserve the right to offer another product than the ordered if the ordered item is out of stock.

*The offer is valid when buying a complete outdoor kitchen from röshults, containing one gas grill + at least two more, selectable outdoor kitchen furniture items displayed on this page

**Choose from brushed stainless steel (100019) and anthracite (100018)

*** Gas grills included in the deal: 100479, 100480, 100482, 100483
Outdoor Kitchen item furniture included in the deal: 100046, 100047, 100050, 100051, 100410, 100505