Terms and Conditions


    These sale and delivery conditions, called the Conditions below, are applied to all orders made on Röshults’s website, shop.roshults.com, when the delivery is made to an address in an EU Member State or other countries in Europe. Röshults obviously complies with the applicable mandatory consumer legislation.


    Immediately after you have made your order, an order confirmation is sent to your email address. It is important that you check that the order confirmation is correct. If you do not receive an order confirmation or if it is incorrect in some way or if you wish to change your order, we ask you to contact us immediately.

    To simplify any contacts with our customer service, we recommend that you have the order confirmation available in contacts with us. All orders are binding, please check your order so that mistakes do not occur. To shop in our online store it requires that you are 18 years old. By sending your order you acknowledge also the purchase and approve therefore our terms. All goods belonging to Röshults until we received full payment.


    Prices on the Webshop include value added tax of 25%. Value added tax is payable on all orders when the customer is a consumer resident in an EU Member State. We reserve the right to change prices on the webshop and in publications without prior notice. Prices valid at the time of the order also applies at the time of delivery.

    The prices given are excluding freight. Freight costs are additional and are paid by you. The freight cost is shown at the checkout.

    For orders made through the Website we accept payment using the following debit and credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX/American Express.

    We always offer you a secure payment method. We cooperate with DIBS Payment, which meets the PCI DSS requirements. All card details and your personal data are encrypted, which means that only authorised persons can access the information.

    If you have a discount code or some other offer, it is only valid on the conditions stated when the discount or offer is presented. All valid deductions for discounts are stated clearly at the checkout. Contact customer service before placing your order if the deductions for discounts shown at the checkout do not match the discounts you think you are entitled to.

    We reserve the right to cancel orders when the product is obviously wrongly priced.


    The delivery method, conditions, delivery time and cost vary depending on the country and type of product. Products bought via Röshult’s website are only delivered to Sweden and Europe. For other countries, contact customer service.

    Normal delivery time is 7-12 days. A preliminary delivery can be notified from customer service.

    Run-out occurs during the day and Dachser will contact you and arrange a time with you.

    If one or more of the products you ordered are not in stock for immediate delivery, your order may be filled through partial deliveries. In that case you only pay a freight cost corresponding to what would have applied to a single delivery for all of your order.

    Even though we do our utmost to deliver what has been ordered in the time promised, something can go wrong. If the delivery takes longer than promised, we ask you to contact us right away so that we can look into why the delivery is taking longer. If the delay is of material significance to you, you may be entitled to terminate the contract. Contact us right away if your delivery is late and it is important for you to receive the product within a certain period of time.

    We have chosen carriers who, in our view, provide guarantees for good quality in their deliveries. Despite this, damage in transport can occur. We therefore ask you to examine, on receipt, whether there is any damage to the product or the packaging. If there is visible damage to the product or packaging, you should report this direct to the carrier or, if you discover the damage after delivery, as soon as possible to our customer service on tel. +46(0)36-440 32 10 or on roshults.se/en/claim.

    1. Visible damage must be noted on the freight document / hand scanner in connection with the reception of the goods. Unless this is done will the complaint is not possible.

    2. Concealed damage (Unpacking damage) must be reported to Roshults within 7 days of receipt.

    3. Always keep the damaged goods and the packaging and make it available for any inspection.

    4. Report the damage roshults.se/en/claim. Attach: Photo, order.nr, consignment number and information about the injury.

    5. Approved transport damage drives Roshults matter against Dachser and sends new commodity.

    Right of purchase on approval

    In the case of a repurchase of the product you must present the receipt and return the product unused and as good as new. We prefer to have the product returned in its original packaging.

    Please pack the product you want to return in its original packaging and, failing that, pack it in such a way that the product will not be damaged during the return transport. Please note that you are responsible for the product not being damaged or disappearing during the return freight. We therefore ask you to make sure that the product is well packed and, if necessary, insured.

    If you use purchase on approval, we will pay back the value of the product less the cost of the return freight.The repayment will be made within 14 days from when we approve the repurchase.

    We will use the same payment method for the refund as you used yourself, unless you expressly agree otherwise with us. If you have any questions – contact our customer service and we will help you.

    Right of withdrawal


    Our aim is for you to be completely satisfied with the product or products you buy from us. If you shop from our Webshop, you therefore have the right, under the Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act, to withdraw from your purchase, without giving any reason, within 14 days from when you received the product. In the case or partial deliveries, the 14 day period of withdrawal starts to be counted when you received the last delivery.

    If you want to withdraw from your purchase, you must notify us of this, see the contact information for our customer service further on. To be able to exercise your right of withdrawal in time, it is sufficient for you to send your notification that you want to use your right of withdrawal before the end of the withdrawal period. Your notification must clearly and distinctly state your decision to withdraw from the contract, i.e. to withdraw from the purchase. We ask you to note that not collecting a package or not accepting a delivery is not regarded as a use of the right of withdrawal.


    You have to bear the cost of the return freight yourself. Please note that you are responsible for the product not being damaged or disappearing during the return freight. We therefore ask you to make sure that the product is well packed and, if necessary, insured. Always save the consignment note until the return has been completed.


    Pack the product/products that you want to return, in the original packaging.


    If you withdraw from your purchase, we will refund all payments received from you, including the delivery cost. But we are entitled to make deductions for any loss of value, an extra charge for express freight on a delivery and the cost of the return freight.

    If you withdraw from the purchase of some of the products you have ordered, we will refund the value of these products and any costs arising from the purchase of the specific product(s) covered by your withdrawal. But we will not refund costs that you would have had even if the product(s) covered by your withdrawal had not been bought, for example freight and invoicing costs.

    The refund will be made without undue delay and, in any event, no later than 14 days after the date on which we received your notification that you had withdrawn from the purchase. However we may wait to make the refund until we have received the product from you or you have sent in proof that you have returned the product, depending on which happens first.

    We will use the same payment method for the refund as you used yourself, unless you expressly agree otherwise with us. In any event, the refund will not cost you anything. When a product is returned in our shop, the refund is made in conjunction with the return, by making a refund to your card.

    If you have any questions – contact customer service and we will help you.


    Despite our own and our suppliers' high quality standards, some items may be defective.

    If a product is defective and you complained about this in due time, we will obviously ensure that the product is repaired or replaced free of charge for you. In certain cases you may also be able to assert other remedies.

    For you to be able to cancel the purchase the defect must be material and we must be unable to repair or replace the product within a reasonable period of time.

    Report the defects on roshults.se/en/claim


    Complaints about defects in products and about defects and delays in deliveries have to reach Röshults within a reasonable period from when you discovered, or ought to have discovered, the defect; two months is always regarded as being within a reasonable period. If the complaint is not made within a reasonable period from when the defect was discovered, or ought to have been discovered, and within three years from when you received the product, you lose the right to take any remedies under the Consumer Sales Act against Röshults.

    When a complaint is accepted, you are reimbursed for all your costs regarding the complaint, including return freight.


    Röshults makes a reservation for any obvious clerical or printing errors, and cannot be held liable for damage resulting from such an error.

    Uncollected packages

    If you are not able to accept a delivery we ask you to contact us for a discussion about redelivery. If delivery is delayed because you fail to accept the product after receiving notification, we are entitled to charge reasonable storage costs and other costs that we may incur.

    If there is no delivery because you fail to accept the product after notification, we are entitled to view your failure as a cancellation of the product. We will then refund the purchase price less the delivery and return freight cost and any invoice charge.

    Customer service

    If you have any questions, something has gone wrong in your delivery or you want to reach our customer service for some other reason, you can reach them at:
    Telephone: +46(0)36-440 32 10
    Email: info@roshults.com

    Customer service is open at 8.30–16.30 on weekdays. Emails are answered within 72 hours on weekdays.

    Postal address:
    554 63 JÖNKÖPING

    Personal data

    In order to fulfil the contract we are obliged to collect and process personal data. Personal data means all kinds of information that can be attributed directly or indirectly to a living natural person. The information you give on registration is registered and processed by us at Röshults. You are entitled to request an extract once a year of the information that is registered about you. If any of the information is incorrect, incomplete or misleading, we obviously correct it. We ask you to notify us when your data changes or if you discover that something is wrong. In certain cases you can ask to have the data about you deleted.

    We only use the data to fulfil the contract and for marketing by email. We also store the date to simplify our future relations. We do not sell on your personal data to a third party. We neither see nor store any card information.

    By accepting these Conditions, you also accept the collection and processing of your personal data by Röshults.

    Force Majeure

    We are exempted from fulfilling the delivery if the due fulfilment of the delivery is prevented by a circumstance outside our control that we could not reasonably have expected when making the contract and whose consequences we could not reasonably avoid or overcome, such as a labour dispute, fire, accident, war, decision of a public authority or some other circumstance that was outside our control and that has a material effect on our due fulfilment of the contract.


    Röshult’s ambition is for all its customers to be satisfied. In the first place we always try to reach an agreement with you if something has gone wrong. If we are unable, despite our efforts, to come to an agreement, we recommend that you contact the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) for an independent examination. We obviously follow the recommendations of the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes.

    Company information

    554 63 JÖNKÖPING

    Telephone: +46(0)36-440 32 10
    E-mail: info@roshults.com

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    Bank: SEB (Svenska Enskilda Bank)
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